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Presents new opportunities for data acquisition, collision reconstruction & brake testing, bridging the gaps in existing investigative strategies

Versatile Integral Solution

Provides an immediately deployable means to enable CI’s to adopt a more holistic and complete approach to their investigations

APP & Best

Further professionalises investigation standards & reconstruction processes in line with the UK College of Policing APP & Doctrine for road death investigations


Recovers capital and revenue procurement costs and produces significant returns on investment of typically +300% over 4 years

Changes and improvements in available technologies for Collision Investigators have provided new opportunities to further develop skills which has culminated in significant improvements in investigative standards, quality and evidential robustness.

The majority of new technologies remain ‘scene-centric’. These do not expand the overall capabilities of the investigator during the investigation and reconstruction phases e.g. pre-collision route reconstruction, evaluating driver/rider behaviour and vehicle testing.  The ScenePro CI 200 is a ‘state of the art’ digital forensics system specifically developed to enhance the capabilities of investigators.

It provides a number of new and unique capabilities, bridging reconstruction and testing gaps that often take weeks of painstaking work to resolve e.g. the acquisition and merging of accurate vehicle performance data with graphs, still and video imagery for use in the preparation and presentation of evidential reports.

The technology sets new standards in brake and surface friction testing at collision scenes and in the acquisition of data.  It is an invaluable tool in supporting practitioners in their work.

Innovative multi-head 90°- 52°- 90° camera system for re-creating human monocular and peripheral imagery.

This unique camera system presents the investigator the opportunity to re-create what was there to be seen by the driver eliminating ambiguities and other difficult to answer questions in researching causational factors. The system is supplied with 4 additional independently deployable cameras to enable investigators to record the functionality and operation of critical components during vehicle test regimes.

  • Ground breaking use of ultra high accuracy technology
  • Highly accurate forensic data acquisition
  • EU Motor Industry standard brake and surface friction testing
  • Multi-channel video synchronised with data and outputs
  • Upgrade option enables investigators to exploit 3D animation software
  • All testing is date, time & location stamped
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  • Complete and independent solution
  • Facilitates new opportunities for more cost effective and regular testing
  • Eliminates many common reconstruction challenges
  • Meets UK requirements of College of Policing APP Doctrine
  • Eliminates time consuming editing processes
  • Austerity defeating income generation typically +300% return over 4 years
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The ScenePro CI 200 system represents the most significant advance in collision investigation technology to come to market in the last 20 years. Its unique, and unrivalled technology will underpin professional investigation and reconstruction activities as well as achieving dramatically improved outcomes for the investigator by securing the ‘best evidence’ and explanation possible.”

Sean White – Assistant Chief Constable (ret’d), ACPO Lead for Collision Investigation (England & Wales) 2009-2014

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) deliver data accuracy standards commensurate with motor industry server based systems at1/10th of the cost.

For further information on this system or our auditing and surveying system please contact us, we can arrange local demonstrations and inform you of any future events we may be attending.

UK Patent Application GB1506370.4