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ScenePro Launch Innovative Collision Investigation Technology – TISPOL 2015

The investigation of fatal and life changing collisions has taken an unprecedented generational leap forward and significant ‘advance’ following the launch and unveiling of new, innovative and unique ScenePro collision investigation systems at the prestigious TISPOL International Conference & Exhibition (6-7th October 2015) which was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester (UK).

TISPOL’s 2015 Conference attracted nearly 220 delegates and some 20 industry focused exhibitors who were brought together to hear presentations from an auspicious line-up of senior police officers, policymakers, road safety and healthcare professionals. A substantial social media conversation accompanied the Conference and Exhibition with nearly one million people reached through Twitter during the two days of the event.

Exhibiting the Company’s brand new digital, forensic technology; the CI 200 system for collision investigation, reconstruction and vehicle testing, Mr Mike Peck, Managing Director at ScenePro commented:

“This was a truly momentous event for ScenePro, the company, and for our newly unveiled digital, forensically based integrated collision investigation system. Personally, and more recently with the Team, I have invested over seven years in developing, designing, manufacturing and bringing to market a completely new form of technology that will bridge a wide range of gaps, deficiencies and ambiguities that cause perennial problems for collision investigators and re-constructors. I was determined to develop a new approach to collision investigation technology; one that worked smarter making the best use of new generation technologies and was able to solve the fundamental challenge of any investigator; the ‘search for the truth’. Too many lives are lost or seriously blighted by road collisions and our technology will aid and support those tasked with investigation to complete a comprehensive and unfettered investigation.”

Key features of the ScenePro CI 200 collision investigation technology include:


  • Ground breaking use of highly advanced and ultra accurate technology
  • Fully integrated solution meets new Forensic Science Regulator standards
  • Easy to deploy and both simple and intuitive to use
  • EU Motor Industry standard brake and surface friction testing
  • Acquires empirical data for use in investigations and the criminal justice process
  • Austerity defeating income generation of typically +300% in 4 years

Speaking at the TISPOL event as a member of the ScenePro Business Development Team, and as the former ACPO lead for collision investigation (2009-2014), retired Assistant Chief Constable Sean White commented:

“It was an exciting and very enjoyable experience to engage with over 100 delegates from all over the world at the ScenePro exhibition and trade stand. Explaining, demonstrating and speaking about the new technology to subject matter experts was validation that ScenePro have brought to market a truly innovative and unrivalled technology. Having had a great deal of personal contact with the bereaved families and those ‘left behind’ with life changing injuries I am certain that ScenePro technologies have the capability to make a unique and very significant contribution to the all important explanation and ‘search for the truth’ when tragedy occurs.”

Further information about ScenePro collision investigation systems and contact details for the company can be found at www.scenepro.co.uk

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