The 24th EVU Congress

//The 24th EVU Congress

The 24th EVU Congress, in association with the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, was held over the weekend of 15/16/17 October in what turned out to be a beautiful, warm and sunny Edinburgh. Hosted at the historic Carlton Hotel, around 200 delegates from across the world came to hear about the latest research from within the collision investigation arena.

Having launched the ScenePro CI 200 INS data acquisition and collision analysis system only one week previously at TISPOL in Manchester, we were enthused to present it to a gathering of some of the worlds leading collision investigation specialist. This of course was not without a small degree of trepidation, as this would be the conference that would highlight whether or not our seven-year development programme had hit the mark.

One of the main subject areas of Congress was that of ‘Accident Reconstructions – Involving Data Capture and Data Analysis’. A paper presented by Dr. Dragos-Sorin Dima (University of Transilvania, Brasov) concluded that there exists the need for development of a data acquisition system combining GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems through a single antenna for the purpose of examining vehicle handling dynamics within the field of collision investigation. Of course, we were delighted to have such accomplished acknowledgement of that need and to have the only system of its kind on display immediately outside of the conference hall. The timing of our CI 200 INS launch was truly incredible.

In short, we were taken aback by the welcome the product received, engaging in lengthy conversations with numerous delegates about the advantages the system could offer them and the wider benefits it provides to the collision investigation world as a whole. More often than not viewpoints at conferences can be mixed, especially with such an informed audience however, the CI 200 received nothing but praise and enormous enthusiasm.

The welcome the ScenePro team received from the delegates and the organising committee was exceptional and we would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciate to everyone who made our launch to market so very friendly and welcoming.

We hope to be seeing most of the delegates again over the coming months through our follow-up programme.

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