About us

ScenePro Limited is a progressive company delivering technology solutions for advanced applications such as forensic collision investigation, highways asset calibration and highway safety surveys.

As a business, our aim is simply to make the lives of our clients easier and to make a difference to those affected by the outputs of our products.  We achieve our success by consulting with subject matter experts to ensure we develop innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the future needs of clients.

ScenePro products are calibrated to internationally recognised standards traceable to the UK National Physics Laboratory.  Our ScenePro CI 200 and CI 200 TS forensic vehicle data acquisition systems are manufactured within an ISO 9001:2015 controlled production facility and have been exhaustively tested and independently validated by the UK Police in consultation with a leading Motor Industry Research organisation for use in forensic collision investigation.

We are proud of our business and the products we manufacture and in early 2020 we were delighted to learn of our acceptance into the Made in Britain scheme.

Looking to the future, ScenePro is committed to developing and diversifying our technologies and has committed to a research programme with talented academics to develop new products for use in researching global climate change.

If you feel you might like to know more about our products or services and how they might assist you within your industry, please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.



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