About Scenepro

Products born from a lifetime of experience.

Our range of products and services where created by Scenepro founder Micheal Peck and are the culmination of a lifetime of experience and a commitment to setting new standards.

As a business, our aim is simply to make the lives of our clients easier and to make a difference to those affected by the outputs of our products. We design, manufacture and supply highly accurate data capture and data analysis instrumentation. We achieve our success by consulting with subject matter experts to ensure we develop innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the future needs of clients.


ScenePro was founded on the principle of giving police officers the tools to deliver the best outcomes in collision investigation.  

Our first product the ScenePro CI 200, was delivered to the Metropolitan Police Service in 2020 and since then we have delivered equipment into most police forces in England and Wales.

Our commitment to the forensic science of collision investigation has led to ScenePro being endorsed by the Forensic Collision Investigation Network (FCIN). We are listed as the sole provider of equipment for: brake and coefficient testing, suspension analysis, vehicle limit handling, road condition which are considerations that can affect a vehicle’s handling and performance. Our devices are used by 41 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales as well as being used by private collision investigators in the UK, Europe and United States. 

The nascent Road Safety Investigation Branch of the Department of Transport is about to take delivery of our CI 200 and CI 200 RTK products.

Best Practice needs Best in Breed

Our founder is process driven and his approach to complex investigative situations is well recognised among his peers.

He is clinical and methodical in his approach to such matters and his investigative processes are able to withstand detailed scrutiny.  He strives for high ideals and normally set the standards by which others follow. During the Selby Rail Crash investigations of 2001, his process and methodologies are still regarded by many as setting new standards and are recognised as current ‘best practice’

Awards & Creditations

British Made Awards
Most Innovative Forensic Developer & 
Best Data Collection Solution 2021
Business Champion Awards
Business Innovation of the Year Award 2022
FSB Business Awards
Business & Product Innovation Award 2022 Finalist
UK Enterprise Awards
Best Forensic Collision Investigation Technology 2022

ScenePro Limited is a progressive company delivering technology solutions for advanced applications.

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