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We are driven by a passion to innovate and meet the ever-changing requirement of our customers and our range now extends to include equipment for testing small vehicles including eScooters, motorcycles and micromobility vehicles as well as a range of support products that ensure professionals can present evidence using multimedia formats that enhance understanding and inform.

CI 200 TS

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Delivering the same high level of data integrity and performance as found in other ScenePro models. TS provides an ideal cost-effective data acquisition platform for collision investigators and reconstructionists who are not confined to working with live collision scenes.


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The only system of its type approved for use by UK Police Forensic Collision Investigators. SDIS produces a full suite of INS generated test data, and its unique dual antenna enable the system to be converged and operated entirely within the confines of live collision scenes.


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Our flagship model offers all the features of the SDIS version with the addition of 2cm absolute positional accuracy using the NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) services or one of our fixed or portable base stations. Ideal for use in CCTV reconstructions with roadside ADAS test functionality that is available as an upgrade option.


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The testing of motorcycles and micro-mobility vehicles presents unique difficulties when seeking to establish legal compliance and brake performance data. Vehicle mounting and test measurement triggering thresholds add further challenges. SVTS has been designed to provide the same levels of forensic integrity found across the CI 200 range whilst facilitating empirical data acquisition in an emerging and most challenging area of collisions investigation forensics.

CI 200 Accessories

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We have a range of plug'n'play accessories available for use with all CI 200 products

  • CCTV 360º High Intensity Frame Illuminator Kit
  • Laser Barrier Trigger Kit
  • Camera Kit (2x 5k Cameras & Accessories)
  • Load Cells
  • Test Trigger Wand
  • Various Test Trigger Switches
  • Peli Protector Accessory Cases
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The product is designed for highway agencies and contractors and provides for the comprehensive auditing and review of highways infrastructure.

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