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Enforcement Technology Measurement Validation and Evidential Trails

ScenePro Limited is an approved service provider for measurement verification and the production of Evidential Trail documentation for static highway speed enforcement systems. Our approval was confirmed by Highways England in 2017 following a detailed examination and verification of our technology, operating standards and professional credentials. We have since completed contracts for one of the largest enforcement technology providers in the UK.

Our services are self-sufficient and offer an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution. Our experienced operatives are CSCS registered and we pre prepare comprehensive Work Package Plans for every contract. Our team is committed to observing safe working practices and to carrying out all work with high levels of efficiency and professionalism, instilling confidence in our clients and minimising inconvenience.

Our Audit 365 technology employs high accuracy laser data acquisition combined with high resolution imaging, GPS referencing and scheme mapping, to produce enforcement sector measurements, between two inflection points, to a resolution typically better than 0.35% over three measurements. Uniquely, we also acquire independent measurements to cross validate our data outputs, providing an additional tier of evidential robustness.

The principal benefit of using ScenePro is our ability to carry out this work in most types of weather. Unlike alternative technologies, our calibrated instrumentation is unaffected by temperature, wet road surfaces, driving rain, wind or most other inclement weather. This capability ensures highway closures can be planned with confidence in the knowledge that weather will not be a critical factor and that we will get the job done efficiently and on time.

The work we have done to date has robustly withstood detailed scrutiny and legal challenge, which serves as a testament to the high standards of expertise and integrity we embed in the outputs we produce. Our clients can have total confidence in our company and in our ability to effectively represent their interests should the need arise.

Road Safety Triage Survey Services

In 2018 ScenePro was successful in winning a European tender to develop and deliver a Road Safety Triage Survey service to the Police and four Local Authorities within the Humberside Area.  This requirement was part of a regional road safety improvement strategy implemented ENGIE, the Regeneration Partner of North East Lincolnshire Council.

To deliver the contract, we employ our combined 80 years of road safety, casualty reduction and collision investigation expertise to survey and identify issues on the A and B class roads network that have the potential to become causal or contributory factors in future road traffic collisions. 

To enable this complex and highly detailed audit to be delivered successfully, our company has designed purpose-built survey vehicles, fitted with multiple high-resolution cameras linked to our own Audit 365 version of our accredited ScenePro CI 200 IMU based datalogging system.  These vehicles are capable of recording detailed images of the highway and roadside assets combined with synchronous high accuracy data, creating a unique audit record for every 100mm of carriageway surveyed.

During surveying, our team digitally mark the data to register any observed issues of interest and from this, we produce comprehensive written reports.  Our multi format outputs are uploaded to Local Authority computers enabling highways engineers to review reports, data and images and when appropriate, remedial works can be factored into existing road maintenance schedules. 

Project lead and ENGIE Traffic Team Manager Debbie Swatman commented:  “The Road Safety Triage Survey project has served to enhance existing road maintenance strategies.  This pioneering project has enabled highways engineers to rapidly triage potential road safety issues without leaving their office and to better target our resources, saving money and adding value to our operations.  Overall, there has been a marked improvement in the safety of the regions roads network”.

ScenePro offer cost effective Road Safety Triage Surveys as an external service provider and alternatively, we are able to supply hardware and training to enable local authorities to improve their own highways audit processes.



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